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CAD Drafting Services

3D Modeling


2D CAD Drafting


Paper to CAD Conversion

from paper, PDF, hand drawn sketches, raster images to 3D

Fabrication Drawings

Assembly drawings

3D Installation drawings

Weldments   Sheetmetal

Machined component detailing

Structural and Architectural Steel Detailing

Mold Design

3D CAD files (STEP, IGES and STL) for castings,

injection mold or rapid prototyping

Mechanical Drafting / Design

Shop drawings  Mechanical component design

Fastener and Material selection

Product Support

CAD Outsourcing Renderings Exploded views

3D Illustrations  Patent Drawings

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  • HotWater123Inc

    Remarkable is the best way to describe Janet's talents in SolidWorks drafting and design. She is tenacious in her approach to tough drafting problems and resolves designs with creative expertise and rapid turnaround times. We retained her for a long term project that spanned nearly a year. She did not tire of the repetitive and almost endless design challenges. The final product design won rave revies. Exceptional... at delivering client satisfaction!

    Ken Bradenbaugh

  • Altranstek

    I have used contract drafting services from Janet Kuhnes and CAD Drafting Solutions on a number of projects to balance my project worload. As a resource for drawing and design work, Janet has demonstrated the ability to work quickly, create high quality work and be flexible in supporting scope change. I have found Janet's services to be cost effective and highly reliable.

    William L. Garfield PE

  • Insitu

    Janet Kuhnes is a solid performer, producing SolidWorks designs that always passed the scrutiny of my Quality Engineers. She was a diligent and productive designer whose integrity was above reproach. She was well liked by all the Quality Engineers and Engineering Management. She will be an asset to any company who is fortunate enough to have her services.

    Pete Leon

  • Wilbur-Ellis

    CAD Drafting Solutions provided our company with high quality CAD drafting services at a reasonable price and ahead of schedule; I would highly recommend Janet to anyone!

    Craig Bair

  • Dent-Chew

    Janet started our firm's initial steps to transform the napkin draft into understandable and credible CAD that gained the respect of the influential investors leading to the recognizable need for proof of concept. Through this process, she was responsive to the need for timely changes as the evaluation of ongoing iterations were refined for optimization. End result… an issued U.S. Patent. If what you need is good value, timely turnaround, a thorough understanding of English and a tenacious work effort, you need to look no further. Janet will work with you as if she were in the office next door! Great Results, Expert, Creative.

    John H. Gallagher, Jr.

  • Expro

    Mrs. Kuhnes is one of the better design/drafters I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my 25 years of working in the oil and gas industry. Her attention to detail the speed in which she returns work is more than adequate, in fact, at times she still amazes me as to how fast and accurate she is able to be. Mrs. Kuhnes' attention to detail is something that we highly value and I am sure any company that takes advantage of Mrs. Kuhnes abilities will very quickly and easily come to the same conclusions as I have. We will continue to use Mrs. Kuhnes and highly recommend her to any company or person looking for a very good designer / drafter.

    David A. Martin


    We hired Janet to do some basic SolidWorks drawings. What we discoverd was that Janet was an expert in many areas. Once we discovered Janet's speed and understanding of new and difficult projects, we will continue to use her services for product development and sustaining engineering drafting tasks. No project seems to be too big or small for Janet to take a vital role in with our company. She is always ahead of schedule and is right the first time with her solutions.

    Rex Guthland

  • AgriLogistics

    Mrs. Kuhnes is tenacious and accurate in bringing design concepts to accurate renderings. Our company relies heavily on her services in our consultation and design of facilities. Her ability to rapdily generate accurate drawings enables quick responses to field engineering issues. I would not hesitate to recommend her to support complex projects.

    Brian Bickford

  • SmithCo

    Janet Kuhnes is a very gifted and competent mechanical design drafter.

    Jim Verros

  • Jetztrim

    My company used the services of Janet Kuhnes' CAD designs for a series of stamped metal and water jet designs four years ago. After our first experience with CAD Drafting Solutions, we were so happy with the quality of the work that we knew without question we would use them again. And so we did, numerous times, over a period of three years. Janet is precise in her work and always had a quick grasp of what we needed, even when we were a little unclear ourselves about exactly what we required in terms of art. We highly and enthusiastically recommend Janet Kuhnes and CAD Drafting Solutions.

    Rich Wynes

  • K2 Castings

    Expert and timely, Janet is very easy to work with. She provides ample info to help us work through design development quickly. I strongly recommend her.

    Tom Stanek

  • Positech

    Janet reported directly to a senior engineer on staff during 2000 and 2001 while working as an intern and attending school. I was the Chief Engineer at the time and the senior engineer reported to me. I worked with Janet directly from time to time while interning and was able to see her work. She was very thorough and a quick study. We were at the time converting our 2D AutoCAD drawings and manually drawn drawings to SolidWorks models and drawings. Janet learned how to use SolidWorks fairly quickly and converted a large number of drawings into solid models while working as in intern. She did so well that we provided her with a workstation and software so she could continue doing this during her after school hours when she went back to school. She is very dependable and conscientious about her work. Her work output is excellent and of the highest quality. Had she stayed in the area after graduating, we would have hired her full time.

    Mike Olson

  • ColdWorld

    Our team has worked with Janet and CAD Drafting Solutions on multiple projects over the past few years, Janet's knowledge of SolidWorks, Mechanical applications and timely service has produced amazing prototypes and show models for our luxury lines.

    Ralph J. Gilliard